Enjoy years of outdoor pleasure with the FireDancer™

Fire Dancer™ is a safe and easy to use propane-fueled campfire for camping, the beach or patio. It’s designed for pleasure and warmth. You can’t camp without a fire, and the Fire Dancer™ makes it so easy! The Firedancer® will operate for 20 hours on a 20 lb. bottle of propane. Easy to cover. The hose regulator and valve are all UL approved components. 10 ft. hose assembly wraps around unit for easy storage and transport.
No smoke, no sparks, no ash!

Part No. FD500 – Basic FireDancer
Part No. FD500L – FireDancer Plus Log Insert
Part No. FDLOG – FireDancer Log Accessory
Part No. FDGrill – FireDancer Grill Accessory

Original Convert-A-Ball®

The Original Interchangeable Balls and stems. Available in both nickel plated steel and stainless steel.

Fifthwheel to Gooseneck Adapters

Convert your Fifthwheel trailer to a gooseneck connection.

Cushioned Ball Mounts

Complete line of cushioned Ball Mounts