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The Original Convert-A-BallŪ system has three industry standard sized towing balls 1-7/8", 2" and 2-5/16". Each ball has a patented NON-REMOVABLE pin that with a push of a finger or regular screwdriver comes out of the shank and pops right off, but is 100% totally secure while towing! With the trailer coupler on the ball and shank there is no where for the pin to go and disengage from the shank. It cannot unlocked or untwist. When you are not towing, you will never lose then pin because it is designed NOT to fall out of the ball itself.

Part No. 300 1-7/8" Nickel-Plated Ball

Photos of #300
300_B.jpg 300_pin_in.jpg 300_pin_out.jpg
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Part No. 400 2" Nickel-Plated Ball

Photos of #400
400_B.jpg 400_pin_in.jpg 400_pin_out.jpg
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Part No. 600 2-5/16" Nickel-Plated Ball

Photos of #600
600_B.jpg 600_pin_in.jpg 600_pin_out.jpg
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Part No. 301 1-7/8" Stainless Steel Ball

Photos of #301
301_B.jpg 301_pin_in.jpg 301_pin_out.jpg
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Part No. 401 2" Stainless Steel Ball

Photos of #401
401_B.jpg 401_pin_in.jpg 401_pin_out.jpg
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Part No. 601 2-5/16" Stainless Steel Ball

Photos of #601
601_B.jpg 601_pin_in.jpg 601_pin_out.jpg
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By design for safety reasons, the 2-5/16" Convert-A-BallŪ will NOT fit on a 3/4" shank. The pin does not line up with the hole of a 3/4" shank - please do not try to force, hammer or weld a 2-5/16" ball on a 3/4" shank.

The Original Convert-A-BallŪ system components come either packed in a bulk cardboard box or a plastic retail-ready clamshell package. The addition of the letter "B" to the end of the part number (i.e. 300-B) signifies that the part is packaged in the clamshell.